Cylinder Head Repair

The practice of refacing cylinder heads is sometimes called cylinder head skimming or cylinder head machining. Whatever term you favour, the process is identical. It’s the flattening of the face of the cylinder head that mates up to the cylinder block. Most (but not all) engines have a cylinder head gasket sandwiched between the head and the block. Over time, or through overheating, some heads can become slightly twisted, distorted, warped, dished or damaged by corrosion.

With our on-site resurfacing machine, we are able to resurface or skim the cylinder head to bring it back into tolerance and create the perfect sealing finish.

The benefits of coming to Andy Davey Motor Services for your cylinder head refacing work are:

  • Fast turnaround: Sometimes you can even get a while-you-wait service although diesel engine heads can take a little longer.
  • Cost effective: From £30 plus vat.
  •  We always try to remove the minimum amount of materials as possible to remove any distortion without drastically altering compressions.

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Engine overheating? Cylinder head gasket blown?

Whilst some garages seem to shy away from head gasket replacement work on your car, van, 4x4 or Motorhome, since 1981, we at Andy Davey Motor Services, Dunvant have completed well in excess of over a 1,000 head gasket jobs on all makes of vehicle due to continued investment in specialist tooling and staff training to allow us to do our job correctly. A head gasket replacement can be a daunting job for an experienced technician but Chris, our vastly experienced Head Gasket Specialist of over 20 years takes it all in his stride.

When the cylinder head is removed, it is dismantled, cleaned and resurfaced/skimmed on our on-site cylinder head refacing machine. Investment in this expensive machine has enabled us to reduce costs and downtime for you, the customer.

The head will be re-cleaned and reassembled by our specialist and then only a known branded quality head gasket set is used to make sure the job is done once and done right first time.

Our belief, confidence and experience in this aspect of challenging work is covered by a 12 month or 12,000 mile (whichever comes first) no quibble warranty.

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