Clutch Replacement

In case you are in any doubt that your clutch is actually faulty, we will complete a free clutch check while-you-wait. Through our expert diagnosis we will be able to tell if your clutch is faulty before we start any work on your vehicle. If you think that you are having problems with your clutch just bring your vehicle along to Andy Davey Motors Services, Dunvant and one of our skilled technicians will check out the problem with no obligation for a repair.

It will only take a few minutes so there is no need to book - just visit us during opening hours.

If it is found that your car, van, 4x4 or Motorhome does require clutch replacement, we will fit a top quality LUK branded clutch kit with a two year warranty and the job would be delegated to our resident clutch specialist whom has over 20 years experience. Although a clutch replacement can be a time consuming and costly job, our specialist enables us to turn most makes of vehicles around within one working day!

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