Car Tyres

Free Tyre Health Check

Your tyres are the only contact you have with the road – so make sure they are safe by undertaking some simple checks on air pressure, condition and tread.

It makes sense to be 100% safe and take good care of your tyres with a regular inspection. Feel free to call in at our workshop in Dunvant anytime for a FREE no obligation tyre health check – No appointment is necessary.

If your tyres do need replacing, you’ll find we have a wide stock of car tyres, van tyres & 4x4 tyres with summer or winter options available. We're constantly checking our prices against local tyre companies, to give you great value for money.

Part worn tyre potential dangers

You should always know the history of any tyre, particularly cheap part worns. Watch this video to understand what the risks of part worn tyres are. Better safe than saving a few pounds on a tyre (see video below outlining the dangers).

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