Wheel Alignment and Tracking

If the wheels on your car, van, 4x4 or Motorhome are not aligned correctly you may experience uneven or rapid tyre wear. On more modern vehicles this can upset steering angle sensors and traction control systems.

Driving over potholes, speed bumps or kerbs can knock your wheel alignment out. This can lead to uneven wear on your tyres and it could feel like your car is 'pulling' to one side. This in turn can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and premature wear on your tyres.

Andy Davey Motor Services, Dunvant offer a FREE Wheel Alignment check to make sure your tyres are running on the correct path.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that the tyres are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other and that on a level straight road your car will travel in a true straight line.

Wheel alignment (otherwise known as tracking) is one of the key tyre maintenance factors to ensure optimum performance, even tyre wear and a maximised tyre life.

An accurate alignment also provides safe and predictable vehicle control and road holding alongside a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Call us now to arrange an appointment – it’s free to check your tracking and costs just £15+vat if it requires adjustment by our trained technicians.

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