Car Air Conditioning

Vehicle Air Conditioning

85% of all new vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. As with most mechanical parts these systems need regular checks and servicing. We offer a complete range of services to ensure your system is running cleanly and safely. These range for anti bacterial clean to a full leak test and repair.

Air conditioning leaks can be very difficult to trace without the correct equipment, so don’t worry if your local garage can’t find your air conditioning leak. We are one of a handful of garages that have invested in the industry leader of leak detection equipment - Vulkan Locktrace. We have used this specialist air con leak detector on 100’s of vehicles since we purchased it over 5 years ago and it has returned a 100% success rate in finding the smallest of air con leaks which has enabled us to provide a faster and more professional turnaround.

So if your gas is ebbing away prematurely and you’d like to get to the source of the problem - Call us now and ask our member of staff for an air con leak test. The leak test costs £35.00 + vat and takes no longer than 2 hours to complete.


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